Sankofa Adinkra Magnet

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Welcome to our vibrant world where tradition and creativity continue to align! Explore our handmade wooden creations, featuring the captivating Sankofa symbol in a magnet! Crafted with layers of wood and luminous acrylic, each piece tells a tale of heritage and wisdom. Let Sankofa guide you on a journey of discovery and growth. Discover our Ghanaian Adinkra collection today and embrace tradition with a modern twist! 


  • Each piece measures approximately 3" in width.
  • Wood is a natural element, and as such, each piece will have unique grain patterns, knots, and tones! This is what makes it beautiful and your piece is one of a kind!
  •  For use on most magnetic surfaces.
  • Color selection refers to the top layer "Sankofa" and the symbol.