Personalized/Custom Loved One Soundwave Voicenote Handwritten Frame

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What better way to freeze the moment than to add a personal voice note to your frame? Our soundwave frame is definitely a cool, interactive gift for all occasions! 

Each soundwave is unique to the intonation and sound patterns of the speaker. All Donz Creationz Soundwave Frames come with a custom QR code that can be read using a smartphone camera (with QR code reader) or a QR code reader app. All you do is scan and listen to your special message!

Simply send a voice recording, picture and a short message (5 words max) to and we will do the rest. Would you like to add a short personalized note? We can help you out! Select the option below and send that along with your voice recording!

Want to see how it works? Click here to see it in action!