Countdown to Diwali Dry Erase Light Up Décor

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Illuminate your Diwali celebrations with our enchanting dry erase décor! Embrace the festive spirit as you count down the days with this stunning light-up sign, radiating warmth and joy with each passing moment. With the simplicity of a dry-erase marker, jot down the days, wipe clean with a dry cloth, and start anew - a perpetual reminder of the cherished festivities year after year. Infuse your home with the spirit of the season through this functional yet elegant piece, combining the allure of lights with practicality. Let your Diwali shine bright with this exquisite display of light and functional decor!

  • Each acrylic piece measures approximately 5x7". 
  • "Acrylic color" refers to "Diwali" color choice.
  • Each piece comes with a wooden light stand with a connected USB plug.
  • Wood is a natural element, and as such, each piece will have unique grain patterns, knots, and tones! This is what makes it beautiful and your piece is one of a kind!