Personalized Ballerina Wooden Letter Coin Bank

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Calling all ballerinas! This coin bank is for you! Made to order for your favorite ballerina, this beautiful wood and acrylic coin bank is both functional and pretty!

We know representation is key, so we started our business for all names to be celebrated and now, we're taking it a step further by offering a variety of skin tones as well! Our collection is growing and we love it!

As always, you can make it your way! Choose the name to be engraved, tutu color, and skin color!

These beauties are made to order and fit coins perfectly! If you would like to add bills to your bank, simply request select the "l spacer for bills" option below. An additional fee will be added to your order.


  • Select tutu color 
  • Select skin color.
  • Write the name for personalization.
  • Wood is a natural element, and as such, each piece will have unique grain patterns, knots, and tones! This is what makes it beautiful and your piece is one of a kind!